A New You — The True You!

 Do you need a new you?

A new you in the making!

In this genuinely dynamic world where things are changing by the minute, do you want to be the one to be the same? Change is needed in one way or the other. Knowingly or unknowingly we all evolve, for good or bad that depends on us. 

Who are you?

Before we get you "A New You", you need to establish who you are? Do you really know who you are? To get into this you need to imagine yourself as a third person who met you. For instance, Just take yourself as a person standing before you and looking at yourself? How would you describe the person you are looking at? Can you relate to him in any way? What do you like or dislike about them? These questions can trigger a process to self-evaluate yourself in your own eyes. 

You will get to know a lot of things which you should have known earlier. The things which you need to keep following like the good habits, on other hand the things you need to avoid will also be told to you by no one but yourself. This ongoing process will eventually give you a clear perspective as a person about yourself, and you will become familiar with the person. That person is no one else but you. 

Is just knowing enough? 

Knowing is a power we all underestimate. Knowing something gives you leverage over anyone who does not know. It is power and we all know with great power comes greater responsibility. You need to be the one to bear this responsibility by not only making use of the known, but also growing this learning capability of yours for the betterment of yourself, and from there to the greater good of the world you call your home. 

By the time you start to get to know yourself, a couple of paths are already lined up in front of you. You could see them visually. These paths are in two opposite directions. The first one is just circling around and leaving you back to where you actually are at this point in time —This is the path you need to avoid at any cost because in this evolving time you can not be the one to be static or circling around the same place for nothing. The second path is a quest to get yourself "A New You". This is the path you need to take, no matter how difficult it seems.

In such a scenario, just knowing would not be enough and you have to take measures to set the course for your new self. 

Get yourself a new you

Once you get to know yourself or at least set yourself on a journey where you are interested to know yourself will differentiate you from the rest — like a moon in million stars. That is the deciding time when you need to make sure that you want to be another star, or you want to be the moon in the dark night. Truthfulness to yourself and self-realisation will trigger all the boost you need to keep going on this journey of getting yourself a new you. 

A new you is a by-product of the self-realisation of your current self. To build yourself a new you, you need to know the current you, you need to see the new you, and you need to amend the current you to build a new you. A new you, the true you. 

Everybody needs a new you, but getting a new you is not a cup of tea, as it requires strong determination, truth with yourself, and above all the acceptance to be wrong. The rigidness can never allow correcting anything. So in this journey of building yourself a new you, leave this rigidness behind and build yourself a new you, the true you —A You who was meant to be You. 


In this time when everything is changing, do not resist the change, rather try to get to know yourself. Knowing gives you the power, which can be harnessed to unlock the unseen doors, The doors which are hidden in yourself. Try to realise yourself, and all the relevant things associated with you. Be the moon, in the vast sky of million stars and enlighten the path not just for yourself but for the ones to come after you. Set yourself up on this journey of bringing this new you — the true you for good for yourself and also to make a difference in this place which you call your home. 

Written by: Sabeer Fayyaz
for SabeerWrites.com