HOPE as a Way of Life - Why we need HOPE now more than ever?

This world is a dangerous place, it has all the qualities to tickle you and put hurdles in your path to success, but the point of life is also about to face those challenges with dignity and come up stronger, that is where Hope jumps in.

What is Hope?

As per the dictionary definition, hope is: 

"a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen."

However, is it all that hope is? The answer is NO. Hope is not just a feeling of expectation, it is far beyond it.

Hope is the combination of multiple perspectives at once, for instance, the major three are listed below:

  • a way of life

  • a road to positivity

  • torchbearer for the lost

Hope, a way of life

Life is the outcome of many challenges combined together and each one of us is facing a unique one, just like our fingerprints. So, it is quite possible to face different feelings in different scenarios in life as life will not be always in favor of you.

The ones who follow hope not just like a feeling but a way of life do not get overwhelmed by the success and not get disappointed by failure. Their hearts are illuminated with it and they live life always with hope, as hope is their way of life.

Hope, a road to positivity

A negative mind results in a negative outcome and far greater negative consequences, so what do we do when the night falls? We lit the lights to brighten it up. That is what Hope does it brings the one suffering from the negative thoughts to the world of positive thoughts.

Hope is believing firmly before it has happened in life, and once you start hoping firmly, your thoughts will manifest in your life. That is so important because to live a positive life, one needs to have a positive attitude towards life itself, and hope brings out that positive attitude within us all if we allow ourselves that much liberty.

Hope, a torchbearer

In a journey where there is no light and you are bound to move, what will you do? You move, but the darkness will eat you out and suffocate you within its negative aroma and that is when you can not only move, you will fall back and instead of progression, you will backslide.

At this point in life, you have to know that a narrow tunnel is a one-way path, and once you are halfway there, reaching to your destination and returning to the place you begin it all takes an equal time as your in the mid-way but the outcomes will be hugely different from one another. 

Hope, is that torchbearer, which brightens up your mind and becomes your eyes in that journey of the darkness, to guide you, assist you, and to make you see it all good when nothing is, but with your hope to see it that way, everything becomes the way you have hoped for.


Hope is beyond just what is written in the dictionary, it is a feeling of bright light in the complete darkness, but only when you will try to witness it. Align the thoughts and lay the seeds of hope. as hope is a way of life, a road to positivity, and a torchbearer that results in success.

Hope is that bright light that awaits us all at the end of the tunnel. Let us keep moving, running, walking, or even crawling towards it, that is where the secret to success lies. 

We all should take hand in hand, and lets all fly with hope.

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Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash