Exploring Life - A Philosophical Outlook


Exploring life and taking important life lessons from its journey while creating life articles. Documenting these life lesson quotes and adding the flavor of original poetry to them. Sharing this refined life lesson poetry in English as well as Urdu. 

Life Lessons - Quotes - Poetry

Life is a precious gift we all have at this moment. It is unique, defined, and for a limited span and everyone would want to make their mark in this limited time, however, the best part is to learn from the lives of the people around us and avoid the mistakes they have already made to achieve more in less time within our own lives. 

Exploring Life - Overview:

1. Observations about Life
2. Life and its Journey
3. Lessons from Life
4. Life Lesson Quotes
5. Life lesson poetry Urdu
6. Conclusion

Observations about Life

Life is an unknown journey that we all are taking with the hope to become aware of it. The answer does lie within us, it is just we are busy with the distractions and are avoiding confronting them. 

Life is happening in every moment and the moment which is gone will never return back. Each moment is dying to re-with another unique moment which equips us with a completely new set of life choices. 

Are we truly ready to witness the liberty of these set of choices which are provided by the birth of every new year, every new month, every new day, every new hour, every new minute, every new second, and every new moment?

Life and its Journey

We all go through many different scenarios in life, from the harder ones to the easiest of all and each teaches us something we need to learn in life. We can learn only if we have our minds open to change, and are ready to adapt to the changes of life.

Some of us are proactive in learning from the hints and the others are rigid ones, they are the ones who learn the hard way (Sometimes all of us act as rigid ones in certain circumstances). Even the hard way is not a bad way to learn as long as the intended message is learned with its core elements.

Lessons from Life

The point is to learn and to grow, to move a step closer to our destination. We should keep our minds open and look back to the decisions we have taken in life, because of those decisions we are here at this point in life. 

Each moment in life is a teacher if we are a good student to it. #SabeerWrites

We can either take note and appreciate ourselves for making the right judgment calls or learn from the ones which did not turn as expected, nevertheless, it is beneficial in both ways. 

Listed below are the three major life lessons:

  • Introspecting your Life
  • Read to Heed
  • Truth is Success

Introspecting your Life

A great deal can be learned from the past events of our life's chapter. There are plenty of lessons awaiting us if we have the will and the right direction to have a backward walk in life. Self-introspection of our past decisions as we are in the present circumstances because of those decisions.

We are nothing but the product of our own decisions and the environment we are exposed to. In order to enlighten our brain to make wiser decisions, we have to learn the lessons from the past to avoid those mistakes in the future.

It is a whole different topic about how can we begin a backward walk in life if we have the will to go down that path to make our future self equipped with the necessary life lessons. 

Read to Heed

Reading is a key to opening your mind and having a perspective a bigger picture about life's journies ahead. Reading content which familiarizes you with life's challenges and when we read a problem our mind works to get s solution for it. 

It may be possible that you are not facing the problem in your life which you are reading about now, but see that life never remains the same, in the coming times if you will come across such challenges which you have read about already and your subconscious mind has devised a solution for it then actually you are future-proofing your life's challenges. 

Truth is Success

In life's hustle and bustle and working to achieve our desires do not get astray to skip the path of the truth. The success lies with the truth, not lies. Lies can give you quick jumps, but ask yourself for how long?

As Buddha says: 
"Three things can not be long hidden, the sun, the moon, and the truth"

Eventually, the sky scrapper of success which you will build on lies will collapse at the very moment the truth will be revealed, and believe me, it will, one day, in front of you. 
Would you ever call it a success if at the destination you have nothing to cherish about? So, never let go of the path of truth as it will lead you to last success, a success which you can be proud of, and cherish. 

Life Lesson Quotes

I couldn't take the pearls of wisdom from the books
So had to learn the lessons from the hardships of life

Life Lesson Poetry Urdu

Kitabon Se Moti Na Chun Paye Hum
Zindagi Ke Talkhyun Se Seekha Hum Ne


As we all have on lifetime to do everything we want to, so, these precious life lessons can help you achieve more in your life if you follow them with an intention to achieve your goals in life. These rules will play the role of catalyst to help you succeed and that success will be lasting success. 

I have explained three major lessons to take note of in life, to have a successful, content, and happy life. Introspecting your Life, occasionally. Read to Heed, to future proof yourself of the challenges coming ahead of you. Truth is Success, success is with only the truth. 

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