Unreal Reality - A Wake-up call!

Unreal Reality - A Wake-up call!


We, humans, are special, we have a mind, a sense, and a vision, to feel everything, and to grow ourselves by not repeating the mistakes we did before. It is something we have but unfortunately, we do not use it often. Explaining the impact of machines/gadgets in our life. Let us seek an answer where our emotions are lost in this unreal reality. 

Current Times and Gadgets

In the current times, where most of our time is spent with the machines, and from where I see we are more comfortable to interact with them than with fellow humans. We all have heard the famous saying:

A man is known by a company he keeps. 

So, when we are in touch with these machines from our daily drivers; the cellphones at our homes to our offices where the complete day is spent behind the computers, what sort of company we have in our life? We are surrounded by these gadgets which remind us when to wake-up through alarms and since we are awake we are keeping up with them in one form or the other.

The ones who claim to be social and extroverts are themselves in touch with other people via these machines or the evolution of their new name - gadgets. The real human interaction has faded away through our journey to the current era.  


Apparently, it all looks too productive and useful. No one can dispute the positivity it brings to life but with that positivity, there are also the elements that we have to be careful of. 

While spending most of our time with the gadgets where our interaction with them has minimized the emotions to the verge of their removal, which is the asset of being a human in the first place. I often hear people around me say the following phrases:

  • Fast-paced life
  • Time is moving too fast 
  • City life is too busy

The extensive interaction with these machines has made us interact with each other like these machines( too. In the Binaries (0 and 1). Where there are no emotions just the need of another. This need has glued us for now, but who knows for how long can we keep ourselves glued like this.

I do not know about it, do you?

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