End of Play

End of play

End of Play: A Poem


The beginning is where it all ends, and the end is where it all started. It's a borrowed loop of time we are going through. To reach the end of play; which is nothing but another beginning and it never ends. 

The climax is all we strive for throughout our lives; deliberately or unwittingly, death is the climax to the blessing of life that all living creatures cherish on this earth. All the breaths we take from the moment we are born to the end of our lives. Every second that passes and every breath we take brings us one step closer to the conclusion of the game we all play and are engrossed in, which we call ''life."

A Poem: End of Play

The journey we started 
The paths we 
The ends we closed and
the moments we uphold

Nothing will fade; and
All will remain 
in the minds
and; in the souls

They'll carry it across the realm
From where they came; to explore 
and; to seek and grow
With some lessons like a pro


We have no option but to proceed. In this world, inactivity is an action; a powerful one if done independently of the majority. That inactivity can assist you in sailing over the oceans. The oceans which are present but cannot be seen. Droplets that fall on everyone but pass by. The rays of light that call to them yet they go on. 

You can feel every sensation, and you communicate in the form of your soul to the unknown places for the benefit of those who seek you. Will you grasp this and strive to take and live these breaths to the point where you can sense this universe and the feelings and emotions that run through you before the end of play? If not for yourself, then for others who rely on you. Will you do it? Will you live life with the feel of every moment?

Author: Sabeer Fayyaz