Timeless Love

Timeless Love

Time Less Love: A Poem

In realms of yearning, where wishes still ignite,

A love remains, though paths may not unite.

We shared a journey, 'neath starlight's gentle gleam,

Though destinations differ, the memory's a dream.

The moon, once full, now wanes in lonely grace,

A mirrored echo of love's absent embrace.

Yet, though imperfect, its silver light endures,

A silent promise, whispered love assures.

The stars, like scattered diamonds, softly glow,

Each twinkle whispers tales of long ago.

And in their dance, a comfort we may find,

A love that lingers, ever light and kind.

So let us cherish moments, shared beneath the moon,

Though paths diverge, affection blooms in tune.

For love's true essence transcends both time and space,

And leaves an imprint, etched upon our face.

Writer: Sabeer Fayyaz
Published: SabeerWrites.com