Unseen Connections to Reckon

 Unseen Connections to Reckon

In this vast world, we are not alone, we have people living beside us and contributing to the cycle of this ongoing life. Some of them are who we know, interact and acknowledge but there are an even greater number of people than we know or meet and have impacted our lives in one way or the other. This thought comes from a point of unrealized interconnectivity we have over others, the one we do not acknowledge often in our day-to-day lives and in the end tend to put aside without even factoring in its contribution to our lives.

Have we ever given it a thought, who are these people - the silent contributors? Aren't you also one of them?

In this world, there are many stories going on simultaneously. There are so many things that we are involved with in our daily life in which we are performing various tasks and interacting with various people and we have a story going on with each of them. Some of them are pretty formal and dry like with some office colleagues, but among those same office peers, we have a few with whom we have a matching vibe and that story is beyond interesting and impactful in our lives. This is merely one example from the hundreds of ongoing stories in a single person's life.

In the same way, you are contributing to someone's life, someone out there is contributing to making your life easier. It is a cycle of help going on where the individual contributions are working for the collective benefit of each one of us. Some of us relaise this and some do not and this cycle keeps on going with or without the realization of this important connection we all have with each other.

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