A Backward Walk

 A Backward Walk 

In life, there are moments of happiness followed by grief, feelings of being lost followed by hope. No emotion is constant and nothing is forever. We have limited time yet infinite plans, some of them are achieved whereas struggle is for all. If we acknowledge a simple point in life that in a finite amount of time we should make a finite amount of goals and a finite amount of people to live this finite life with. 

Mostly we rate success with how fast we are moving in the forward direction. In short, success is calculated by how fast we have reached forward in life. Everyone is running in a self-created race. 

A Backward Walk by SabeerWrites

A Mathematical Analogy about Life

The ones who have an interest in Mathematics would second that the graph of the quadratic equation(ax2 + bx + c = 0) sums up our life perfectly, it's called Parabola. If you see this graph, it shows that it's constantly on a move, just like our life and it keeps on moving through the positive and negative fields and never stops. We can learn from it to be no a move in life no matter how hard things get, no matter how difficult times we stumble upon, things will change like the curve of a Parabola.

I want to share an idea, a different perspective to life in which success does not matter in moving forward, backward, or even staying still, everyone has a unique amount of time in life which makes their life journey completely unique just like our fingerprints. 

Introspecting Life

Comparing your life journey to someone else's is a classical example of naiveness. One can not be more naive than that to make such comparisons. Similarly, accounting success in materialistic quantities is of no success at all. So to figure out what success is all about we can have a backward walk.

At this moment wherever you are in your journey of life, let's walk backward and think through the thick and thin you have faced in life, good or bad, easy or hard whatever the circumstances were, you had an option a choice to make at that interval of time.

If you are un-happy from the heart no matter how much or what you own, you are not successful, the success lies in the happiness and not the ordinary happiness, the happiness where your heart blushes - that is what you can call a success and it can not be measured by me, or anyone else, you are the sole evaluator of your own success.

Just take this moment and give yourself 10-15 minutes and have a backward walk to get the answers you are seeking, to have a correction to the perspective about life, and do your best by exploring your new energized self. 

a message of Love, Peace, and Hope. 

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