In the loop of Better Tomorrow

In the 

 [Sabeer Fayyaz]  

The wishes that lie within our hearts and the efforts we put in to bring them into reality is something that we all feel at one time or another in our lives. It is fairly okay to keep those wishes in the pipeline and thrive with our efforts to make them real and the part of our life, however, the question of the hour which will be discussed in this article is about whether we skip the precious moments of our lives while being stuck in the loop of "better tomorrow"?

From going through the day-to-day tasks or to achieving the bigger milestones in life, we are struggling and circling around for the completion of the tasks and activities and not living them fully, that is what I have felt when discussed with the people. [Exceptions are always there when I say "we" it means majority not all.]

The point and the objectives are to complete the task/activity and get it over with, to begin with, another. Actually, that is where the problem lies. People often want to put their successes in the form of trophies and highlight them like in the old days the hunters used to display their hunt with all their might to show their power. In this digital era, most things have become superficial and a norm to please, we do it and we do not mean it at all. 

There are a couple of issues with this kind of approach that can be highlighted at this point in time, which is giving priority to the quantity rather than the quality. When we aim for more, mostly the quality will get to be compromised in such circumstances.

Let us take an example of a stock trader when he wants to buy more quantity of stock within his budget he has to compromise on the quality of the stock, as the premium stocks such as Google, Facebook, or Amazon won't be cheap as any other Tom, Dick, or Harry stock. 

The basic concept which needs to be iterated to ourselves is to remind ourselves of the value of quality of a single moment, the moment which has just passed, and the thought to ponder if we have taken enough of that moment or had we lost it in the loop of better tomorrow.