The Journey of Life

The Journey of Life

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We are born, we live, and we have to ultimately die. So among all realities of life, the biggest of them is death, which no one has escaped and can not escape, and everyone across the globe mutually agrees on this fact but have we ever pondered:

  • What is all this cycle we are part of?
  • Why is all this going the way it is?

Poetry in Urdu

Raazon Main aik Raaz Raaz-E-Zindagani Hai
Khoj Main Es Raaz K Safr-e-Zindagani Hai

Experiencing the Journey of Life

From the beginning to the end, the situations we face, the people we meet, the locations we visit, the death is going to put a full stop to all this and we do not know when that moment in our life is going to come, but we all know that it will, but apparently, we have put that thought in the deepest basement of our mind and we usually do not want to visit it, you know why? because we are busy in this temporary span of life, and a mysterious part is we do not know why!

You can call it a secret, a mystery but the answer to this is what we should be seeking or at the least should try to think, the one who thinks can find the way in the abyss.

Welcome to the club of thinkers. Let's get to the bottom of this together.

Prose Poetry about Life  

Among the secrets of the secrets, is the secret of life
Discovering this secret is a journey of life

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