Trees and the Cycle of Life

Trees and the Cycle of Life

Looking at trees from a different perspective

Trees carry life in them, a life that grows and thrives to help us live by providing a considerable amount of oxygen for living creatures to breathe, food for the animals, keeping the environment clean and so many other things. Today, we will be looking at them differently by acknowledging their identity, they have a world of their own, working completely in a different way yet the basic needs of life for them are the same as ours. They need food to live, air to breathe, sun to grow, they bear all the changing seasons of life and in the end, eventually die as humans do. 

Large Tree Forrest with Trunks

These trees are providing us shade
These are our canopies under the sky
The tree ages like us, create memories and carry those memories with them which are etched in their logs in the form of rings that mark their age (Dendrochronology). They are really unique and fascinating, those humans who plant a seed in their backyard and witness that seed to grow into a plant and then to a tree with its big trunk over the course of changing seasons from spring to autumn and spring again for decades, if you ask them about that tree they will be the right person to tell you about the importance of it. 


Ye Saya Kiye Hue Hain Tana-Awar Drakht
Ye Aasman Ke Neeche Saiban Hain Humara 

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