Poetic expression in Urdu about Stargazing

Stargazing an Artistic Outlook

The sky is full of billions of blinking lights that are blinking in their own capacity, but when we take time out for ourselves at night and gaze at the sky we can see those twinkling lights which are there to catch our attention and speak to us in a morse code

Each night they twinkle and shine in their full capacity to catch our attention, to speak to each one of us individually in their own blinking. 

Some of us take time out and go out on our balcony with a cup of coffee and stargaze for hours. While stargazing we do observe that this whole process communicates with our inner self in such a way that we tend to find answers for the questions which are lost in ourselves and we haven't noticed before. 

Poetic Expression in Urdu

Ghoor Rhe Aun Sitaron Ko,
Aun Kohye Hue Kinaron Ko,
Toot Toot Kr Girte Wo Bhe,
Muntazir Hain Aun Ke Jante Wo Bhe...

Stargazing is a process of connecting to ourselves and listening to those familiar questions which are in our soul and are left unattended. May we all find the answers to what we are seeking in one way or the other. 

A Message of Love - Peace- Hope 
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