Apology - Maazrat(Urdu)


One of the hardest things most of us have to go through is the admission of our own mistakes. We stand upright and hold firm to our mistakes despite knowing on the occasions when we are wrong. By defending our wrongdoings we tend to dig deep into the mess of this ego and superficial point in life where we can not be wrong and hence there comes a problem in life. 


There are various scenarios in life where one opinion prevails over the other in terms of its validity towards correctness and the other one needs rectification to be correct, the problem arises when you are the latter and as discussed above you have developed a sense of moral high ground where you can not be wrong so someone else has to - who is actually correct. 

Poetic expression in Urdu to explain the significance of an Apology

Now is the time to make an apology which you have been resisting for a long.

The whole purpose of writing this to enlighten ourselves about the fact that we all are humans and we can make mistakes.

Mistakes are the learning curves of life, and it makes life beautiful when rectified.  An apology can change everything, I would call apology an incredible magical spell that is cast and it works only if it is truly from the heart. Believe me, not every spell of apology works because not every apology is from the heart.

"to err is to humans, to forgive divine"
-Alexander Pope


If we can collectively look within both versions of ourselves the one with pre-apology scenario and the other with a post-apology scenario, in the latter deep down our hearts are in peace and our souls lighter than air, without any burden, grudges because the ones who know, they know to apologize when wrong.  

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