Volcanic Love

Volcanic Love

The heart is the core of the human body, a pumping vessel that beats about 60 - 100 beats per minute and gives surety to human life. Similarly, portals into the heart of the earth are beneath its surface, which is constantly burning and boiling to let the planet survive. 

Volcanic Love
Volcanic Love


The dictionary says about the love that "an intense feeling of deep affection", but it is far more and beyond it. 

Love comes in several different forms, shapes, emotions, and feelings. Love is not a unique feeling but a merger of various emotions confined together into one, which comes out through us in separate scenarios within our ongoing life. 

The Volcanic Love!

Yes! Love is complicated, but still what is this "Volcanic Love". Volcanic love is a passion within love that you have within you, which is there right there in the center of you, from where it all begins and stays there in different phases trying to showcase the best in you with nothing but "love". 

The theory behind the "Volcanic Love" term used in this piece of writing is to highlight the importance of that "Ace" every one of us is holding within them with or without little knowledge.  Think of it as the "magma" which is buried beneath the surface of the earth and is burning, it is there, right there, just like the known/unknown fondness and passion you are holding within you with love but not being showcased into your life. 

Not every volcano erupts, but there are very few which do and when they do, it is noticeable. During the course of the past 10,000 years, only 1500 active volcanoes have been noticed. This fact is quite relatable to humans as well as if there are billions of humans but the ones who have influenced the world in any way are not great in number.

The active and passiveness of volcanoes differentiate among their significance. The world notices active volcanoes and not passive ones. In the same way this active and passiveness in humans towards their "volcanic love" put them in a category of the relevant scale. It is better to look within and see which category you fall in, do you want to remain in that category? Have you achieved your true "volcanic love"?

The ones who erupt with "Volcanic Love" clearly make a difference in this world because that is what they have done from within - their true self and passion. 


Love is a merger of various emotions, it is unique and exclusive. "Volcanic Love" is the passion and fondness for each individual is holding within them. One has to evaluate and put themselves into a category of the relevant scales(Active, Passive). The ones who erupt with "Volcanic Love" have an impact over the world because that is what they have done from within - their true self and passion.